Pregnancy & Birth Plan

As your birth doula, I love to establish a personal relationship with you throughout pregnancy to help understand your goals for a birth that meets all of your needs and desires.

I will work with you to create a birth plan tailored just for you, meet with you to practice comfort measure techniques specified to your needs, and foster a relationship throughout your pregnancy built on trust and respect by providing constant on-call support. Every mom deserves to be nurtured and supported throughout this special time in her life while awaiting her precious new little one.

Labor & Delivery

My main goal is to provide you emotional, informational, & physical support throughout your entire labor & delivery so you can give birth confidently and without fear.

Whether you desire a natural birth in your home or birth center, a hospital birth with or without medical assistance, or anything in between, I am here to help you have the memorable and well-supported birth you deserve. With training and expertise in a wide variety of holistic comfort measures such as water therapy, soothing touch, rebozo, and aromatherapy, I will nurture you with comfort techniques customized to your needs and birth plan. I also love to support all members of your family and loved ones who accompany your birth, so that your whole birth team is able to fully embrace your beautiful and life-changing miracle of birth.

Postpartum Meal

As a birth and newborn professional, I understand that bringing a new little one home is a life-changing experience that requires your full attention and dedication.

This can often leave little or no time to think about cooking or meal preparation. With a background in personal chef experience rooted in nutritional comfort meals, I love to provide freshly prepared meals in your home for the whole family. I customize the meals to your families preferences and dietary needs, and I also take care of all of the clean-up.

My meals are comforting, hearty, and designed to provide your nutritional needs for postpartum and breastfeeding. My meal options include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and hearty/healthy snacks for the whole family. I encourage you to take advantage of this service by resting, spending time with your little ones, or spending this time however you’d like.

Serving mommies-to-be in the Greater Houston & Surrounding Areas


Is a Doula Right for You?

Comprehensive longitudinal studies reveal that birth attended by a doula providing continuous support have:

  • A cesarean rate reduced by 50% compared to births without the continuous support of a doula
  • The length of labor is reduced by an average of 25%
  • The use of oxytocin is reduced by 40%
  • Requests for an epidural are reduced by 60%