My Background

My passion for childbirth was first ignited over 6 years ago while I completed a 6-month study abroad program in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the time, I was an English literature and creative writing major at Trinity University, but I decided to immerse myself in the Danish culture and take a local class on natural childbirth taught by midwives. This course allowed me to study and receive training from some of Copenhagen’s most experienced midwives, where we practiced techniques such as maternal acupuncture, rebozo for turning breached babies, and many other holistic comfort measures for pregnancy and childbirth.

Most significantly, this course allowed me to experience the miracle of witnessing my first live childbirth. This was also my first experience seeing and working with doulas, as all of the births I witnessed were also attended by doulas in addition to the midwives. I was so surprised to see that, contrary to the often overwhelming images of childbirth portrayed in the media, the births I witnessed were quite peaceful and the mothers embodied an incredible sense of strength and empowerment.

The only way I can describe it is profoundly life-changing and miraculous.

When I returned to the US, I resumed my degree at Trinity University and started working in a field related to my major after graduation. For 5 years, my heart kept tugging at me to pursue a career as a doula, and I ultimately decided to take the plunge and complete my doula training and certification through DONA.

I am so thankful to have found my true calling and passion in life…

to be able to provide Houston moms with an empowering, memorable, and transformative birth experience that takes the fear away from birth.

I have completed training in the following holistic comfort measures: aromatherapy, soothing touch, water therapy, TENS unit natural pain relief, rebozo, meditation and visualizations, birth rhythm and movement guidance, breathing techniques, cold and heat therapy, birth ball, and constant support for mom and all attendees of birth. I work with you to create a birth plan that meets your needs, and we will have an opportunity to practice these comfort measures to see what works best for you, as each woman is unique in her preferences. I am also experienced in knowing which techniques work best in conjunction with the type of birth you prefer, whether or not you decide to use medical pain relief such as an epidural.

My other passion is cooking comforting yet nutritious meals, and I am so excited to be able to combine my two passions in a way that helps new moms and their families. Once you bring your new little one home, you have the option to take advantage of my post part meal service package. Please let me guide you through your entire journey of bringing a precious new life into the word.


Hannah Goodwin